Roman Abramovich is the Owner of Chelsea Football Club

Roman Abramovich is the owner of the Barclays Premier League club, Chelsea. He is a renowned Russian businessman who is the 9th richest person in Russia with a net worth of US 13.4 billion dollars.

He is a self made billionaire though he has been accused of using illegal means to amass his wealth. However, no one can dispute his passion for football. He has made considerable investments in the game and his commitment to the cause is well respected all around the world. He acquired the Barclays Premier League club Chelsea in the year 2003 with the vision of raising it to the status of being one of the greatest clubs in the world like Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Manchester United.

Immediately after acquiring the club, Roman Abramovich proved his commitment to the club by initiating a process directed towards elevating the stature of the club of Chelsea.  He invested a considerable amount of money for signing new players, to build a new training facility, to bring in top level coaches, and to help the club to achieve unparalleled success. This meant that Chelsea suffered major losses in their first year under him that were so high that it was expected that it would not be before 2010 that they would be able to report profits. However, the increase in the sale of Chelsea Tickets with their improved performance and the funds contributed by their owner has been a major alleviating factor for the club.

Roman Abramovich brought in Claudio Ranieri as the coach of the team. He guided the team to a respectable second place finish in the league and helped them to reach the semi finals of the Champions League. However, this was not good enough for the new owner as he wanted more and he sacked Ranieri to bring in José Mourinho – the coach who had guided Porto to a Champions League victory the previous season. This was a brilliant move by Abramovich as Chelsea dominated the league under Mourinho and ended up wining the league after a period of 50 years. They completely dominated the league for a period of two years which saw a huge increase in the fan base of Chelsea all over the world which contributed to the increase in sale of the Chelsea Tickets.

Though Chelsea has enjoyed considerable success under Roman Abramovich, his involvement with the club has often times been criticized for spoiling the spirit of the game. He gave the club complete liberty for making as many signings as they want as long they were delivering. This meant that all the other clubs wised up to the fact that Chelsea will be willing to pay a huge amount of money to acquire talent for their club. This caused a distortion in the price market as there was surge in the transfer fees of the players. For example, Shevchenko was acquired by the club at a transfer fee of £30 million, which was a record of that time.

The feud between Abramovich and Mourinho saw the latter leaving the club on mutual consent. It has been a tough struggle for Chelsea after the departure of the great one as they now have now gone through a flurry of changes in coach in hopes of regaining their form through which they dominated the league.  The latest manager in this line is André Villas-Boas who is currently doing a fine job as Chelsea are in the 3rd spot in the league table and hot in race for the title. The high benchmark set by the Abramovich means that there are high expectations from him and it only remains to be seen if he will be able to live up to the expectations.


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Lakshmi Mittal – The Co-Owner of Queens Park Rangers (QPR)

Lakshmi Mittal, is the CEO and the Chairman of the largest steel making company in the world, ArcelorMittal, and is the co-owner of the English Premier League football club, Queens Park Rangers (QPR).

Lakshmi Mittal was born on 15th June, 1950 in India. He is currently the richest man in all of Asia and UK, and the sixth richest in the world, having personal wealth that amounts to US $ 31.1 billion. He is considered as the 44th most powerful person in the world according a list of Forbes and was included in the Time magazine’s list of “100 Most Influential Persons in The World” for the year of 2007. Furthermore, he was named as the “Person of the Year” the Financial Times for the year of 2006.

Lakshmi Mittal is well known in the football world for his ownership in the Barclays Premier League club, Queens Park Rangers. The announcement of the Mittal family taking ownership in the club by buying 20 percent shares in the club was announced on the 20th December, 2007 after Bernie Ecclestone, who is a good friend of Lakshmi Mittal, bought QPR in August 2007 along with Flavio Briatore in order save it from financial trouble.

The decision of Lakshmi Mittal to be a co-owner of QPR led to many speculations linking the club to go on the same path as the likes of Chelsea who had benefitted a lot from its owner Roman Abramovich injection of a huge amount of money into the club. This amount of excessive media attention had a good effect on the sale of QPR Tickets which increased significantly because of the amount of exposure it was now enjoying because of its owners.

In 2008, there were further speculations regarding another Indian billionaire Vijay Mallya to be interested in buying the club. However, this didn’t materialized and on the contrary, the future of Flavio Briatore with the club came into jeopardy in 2009 when he found himself in the middle of a allegation related to fixing a race in F1. He sold his share to Bernie Ecclestone and who later on, sold his entire shares to a Malaysian businessman, Tony Fernandes. As of now, Tony Fernandes owns a 66% stake in the club where as the Mittal Family own s a 33% share in the club with Amit Bhatia, who is the son in law of Lakshmi Mittal, being in the board of directors of the company.

Lakshmi Mittal is a well respected name in the world and the fans of QPR are hopeful that he has the best interest of the club in mind rather than using it as a business deal like the owner of Manchester United. The Glazer family who owns the club Manchester United is much scorned upon because of the fact that they bought the club on loan and passed on the loan payments to the club and are thus, milking the money out of the club.

On the other hand, owners like Roman Abramovich of Chelsea and Sheikh Mansour of Manchester City have shown great commitment to their club by making generous investment in the future of the club to transform them into two of the most formidable teams in the Premier League. The sale of Chelsea Tickets and Manchester City Tickets has improved greatly because of the transformations that they have experienced courtesy of their owners.

Will Lakshmi Mittal play the same role in the transformation of his team? That remains to be seen.

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Mohamed Al Fayed (Owner of Fulham)

Mohamed Al Fayed is the owner of the Barclays Premier League club – Fulham FC. He is also the owner of the Hotel Ritz Paris and the former owner of Harrods Department Store, Knightsbridge. Mohamed Al Fayed is considered as the 993rd richest person in the world with an estimated wealth of $1.2 billion.

A major tragedy of the life of Mohamed Al Fayed is that he lost his beloved son, Dodi Fayed, in a car crash in Paris. His son, Dodi Fayed was with Princess Diana, the Princess of Wales, in the fatal car crash in the Ponte De I’ Alma tunnel which took their lives.

There has been much controversy regarding this event as both his son and Princess Diana were romantically involved at that time and it is claimed that they were about to announce their intention to marry before they were died. Mohamed Al Fayed fought a legal battle for a period of 10 and a half year to prove his claim that his son and Princess Diana cause of death wasn’t an accident and that it was actually murder.

According to him, the Royal Family had plotted to kill them because the Duke of Edinburgh and the former husband of Princess Diana, The prince of Wales were infuriated at the fact that she was dating Dodi Fayed and was about to marry him. There has been many controversy theories regarding the cause of death of the Dodi Fayed and Princess Diana and people refuse to accept that they could have died because of “reckless” driving. Whatever the case may be, the world lost two great individuals that tragic day whose presence is still missed.

When Fayed bought Fulham FC in 1997, it was in the second division of the Football League and he had a vision that his team will compete in FA Premier League – now known as the Barclays Premier League – in a period of 5 years. In order to achieve this, he installed the managerial duo of Ray Wilkins and Kevin Keegan under whom the club made a record winning the Second Division with 101 points and got promoted to the First Division in 1999. Two years later, Fulham won the First Division league title with 100 points and got promoted t o the premier league achieving the vision of the Fayed one year ahead of schedule. A year later, Fulham made their mark on the European football by winning the Intertoto Cup.

The progress of Fulham under Al Fayed was phenomenal and he made it known that he wasn’t going to stop and wanted Fulham to achieve the success similar to that of Manchester United and become the southern version of them. In over a period of 5 years, Fulham had progressed to being a club in the second division of football to be a European title winner – a great achievement indeed. The most significant effect of this success was on the Fulham FC Tickets whose sale increased exponentially and the club became increasingly profitable. As every football fan knows, the financial aspect of the club is very important – the more money that you are making, the more you can invest back in the club to increase its performance.

In 2009, Fulham made their debut into the Europa League which was newly formed then to succeed the UEFA Cup. Fulham came close to winning the final of the Europa League 2010 which they played against Atletico Madrid but unfortunately lost 2-1 by conceding a goal in the extra time.

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Mike Ashley – The owner of the Newcastle United Football Club

Mike Ashley is the owner of the English Premier League club Newcastle United and the owner of the largest sporting good retail chain in the UK, Sports World International. He bought the club on 23rd May, 2007 by paying around £134 million and currently owns the 100% stake in the club. He is considered as the savior of the club as he helped the club to avoid a financial catastrophe by paying off a large portion of the outstanding debt that he inherited. Ashley was impressed with the rich history of Newcastle United and the passion for the fans for the club.

The full name of Mike Ashley is “Michael James Wallace Ashley” and he was ranked as the 16th richest person in 2010-2011 by the FourFourTwo Rich List, with an estimated worth of £950 million. Mike Ashley is a very reserved person and little is known of his private life. It is reported that even the local newspaper were not able to find any information about him and had to resort to placing an advertisement on their newspaper to ask the consumer about information about him. They were unsuccessful again as no one responded.

Mike Ashley was immensely popular with the fans initially. The press was extremely skeptical about his unconventional style but fans loved him nevertheless for it. Ashley acted as one of the fan and used to watch the match in the stands with the supporters while wearing the shirt of Newcastle United. His popularity skyrocketed when he bought in Kevin Keegan on 16th January 2008 as the manager of the club. The Newcastle Tickets sale grew as fans poured in to see the rejuvenation of their club.

However, Newcastle Tickets sale took a slide down when the dispute between the fans and Mike Ashley started. Due to the internal problems in the club, Keevin Keegan retired and Mike Ashley was blamed by the fans as the club didn’t had an adequate structure in place and the leaving of Keevin Keegan in this manner damaged the image of the club. Being devoted to the fans, Kevin Keegan put the club on the sale on the 14th September saying that if the fans want him out, this is what he will do. Ashley looked around for a buyer but was not able to find any. A new organization was created by the name of the Newcastle United Supporters Club in order to properly put forward the views of the fans to the board. These were tough times for the Newcastle United. The fans were unhappy, the owner was unhappy, and the managers were not able to perform even when Ashley bought in the legendary Alan Shearer to replace him. Newcastle United was relegated and on 25th May 2009 Ashley issued an apology to the fans and a later statement confirmed that Ashley is committed to the club and will see to it that the club gets promoted back.

Though much controversy has followed after that but credit can’t be taken away from Mike Ashley and his hand in the current performance of Newcastle United. The club is back in the premier league and performing better than ever. They were currently going undefeated until Manchester City, the league leaders, defeated them just recently. However, they did manage to get a crucial draw against Manchester United in the very next game. The sale of Newcastle Tickets has improved and the club currently stands at the 4th position in the premier league, nine points behind the league leaders.

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Silvio Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi is amongst the most recognizable Italians in this century. The 75-year old Italian has been the longest serving Italian prime minister after the Second World War. He resigned recently from his position the 16th of November, 2011. Having served three terms as the prime minister of Italy he stepped down because of the ongoing European debt crisis. He is well known in the football circle as the owner of the club that is the current Italian Champions, AC Milan. He is also the controlling shareholder of Mediaset which is the largest broadcasting company in Italy.

Berlusconi was born on 29th September 1936 and is well known as the Il Cavaliere which means “The Knight”. He bought the AC Milan on 20th February 1986 when it was on the verge of bankruptcy. He injected a lot of money in the club to save it and it was because of him, that AC Milan ventured into its most successful era over its entire history. They went on to win five Champion Leagues, a FIFA Club World Cup, eight domestic tiles, a Coppa Italia, two Intercontinental Cups, five EUFA Super Cups, and five Supercoppa Italiana. The AC Milan team of that time was voted as the best club side of all time, by World Soccer magazine. The AC Milan tickets sales improved drastically with their superb run. AC Milan has also won the title of the most recognized international club in the world

Berlusconi has also written the anthem of the club AC Milan who faced a difficult challenge when Leonardo decided to step down from his job and in a surprise and daring move Allegri was named as the replacement. Allegri proved to be an excellent choice when he ended the domination of their arch rivals, Inter Milan to help win AC Milan their first league title since 2004. This improved the sales of the AC Milan ticket. He also helped AC Milan to beat Inter Milan in both the league fixtures which made the fans absolutely adore the manager. This also helped the AC Milan tickets to enjoy higher sales. AC Milan reached the semi final of the Coppa Italia and won the Supercoppa Italiana by beating Inter Milan (again) in 2-1.

Berlusconi was the third richest man of Italy in 2010, according to the Forbes. His assets were worth 9 billion dollars and he has investments in a vast variety of areas. His main company is the Mediaset which his the largest television network of Italy. Media set alone covers nearly half of the television sector in Italy. Furthermore, Berlusconi is the founder and the major shareholder of the company Fininvest which is considered to amongst the largest private companies in the whole of Italy. He was the co founder of the Mediolanum which is one of the biggest banking and insurance groups of the country.

And lastly, he owns AC Milan which is the most prestigious cup of the Italy. Though the money that he earns for the AC Milan tickets sales may be peanuts to him, he is loved by the fans for not being one of those owners who milk the club. He saved the club from bankruptcy and the club has experienced the best time in its history under him. It is not a surprise that fans absolutely worship him.

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Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed the owner of Manchester City F.C

Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan is the current owner of Manchester City. According to The Times, he is the sixth most powerful person in the sports. Apart from football, Sheikh Mansour is a highly influential business and political personality and his influence is such that it has been reported that the president of U.S., Barack Obama, is on his speed dial list.


The full name of Sheikh Mansour is Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and he was in born in Abu Dhabi on 1970. After receiving the early education in his homeland, he went to USA for higher education and received a Bachelor’s in Political Science. He has put his education to full use by being a very active and influential politician in UAE who has served various key positions.

Apart from politics, Sheikh Mansour is extremely active in the arena of business as well. He is the head of International Petroleum Investment Company through which has a 71% interest in Aabar Investments. Sheikh Mansour has invested in Oil, Virgin Galactic, Daimler, and Manchester City.

Manchester City

Sheikh Mansour is said to have been looking to invest in a Premier League club for a long time and Manchester City turned out to be the best prospect for him. Manchester City is the sixth highest revenue generating club in England and has a stadium with a capacity of 48,000. Manchester City was the ultimate option for him if you consider the future revenue that could be generated in terms of the increase in Manchester City ticket sales.

On September 2008, Sheikh Mansour bought Manchester City in an emphatic manner. The Brazilian emerging star Robinho was signed within hours of the buyout and this was done as a declaration of intent from him. Unlike his counterpart, the owners of Manchester United, his motive was not to drain money out of the club rather to make Manchester City the best club in the Barclays Premier league and Europe. The Manchester City ticket sales have experienced a huge boost after the buyout and the Manchester City tickets demand continues to grow the they team marches on successfully.

Sheikh Mansour is loved by the fans of Manchester City and when he came to watch the match against Liverpool, the Manchester City tickets had become nothing short of gold as everyone wanted to be present during the match. The fans greeted him in the most loving manner by putting up banners everywhere that proclaimed “Manchester Thanks You, Sheikh Mansour”

According the 2010 figures of Time magazine, Sheikh Mansour has made an approximate investment of £750 million investment in the area of Manchester City and this is not all, he has made an additional investment of £1 billion in the area that surrounds the Manchester City Stadium.

Sheikh Mansour plans to build an 80 acre training campus, the cost of which is more than £ 100 million. The plan of this facility was revealed in September 2011 and Sheikh Mansour intends to make it one of the top facilities of England.

Sheikh Mansour has been Godsend for Manchester City. He is a person who is genuinely interested in the progress of the club rather than milking the club. All his investments in the club speak highly of his commitment to the club.  Manchester City truly thanks you, Sheikh Mansour.



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Malcolm Glazer – The Owner of Manchester United F.C

Malcolm GlazerBorn on May 25th 1928, Malcolm Irving Glazer is a sports business tycoon. He owns several sports clubs in America
and is the owner of the Manchester United Football club.

He is  also known for his interest and investments in food packaging and supplying,  broadcasting, health care and
several other businesses all over the world.

His  net worth is estimated to be around $2.6 billion. With his arrival, the availability of Manchester United tickets increased
as he increased the capacity of the stadium.

He inherited his father’s business, wholesale jewelry, which was worth only $300 at that time. He started the growth of his business by buying several trailer parks in the 70s. Later,
he became the president of the First Allied corporation.
Glazer’s first attempt to get into the corporate world was unsuccessful. He failed in two bids, one
was a $7.6 billion bid to buy the Conrail,  a freight rail company and the other was to buy the
famous kitchen designer Formica. Glazer also tried his luck on the motor cycle giant
Harley-Davidson, but failed. His first success came with the purchase of a part of Zapata, an
oil and gas company. He expanded his purchase into Caribbean supermarkets and fish proteins.

Glazer’s first step into the sports world was in 1995, he purchased a national football league The
Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He paid a staggering, at that time a world record fee, $192 million.

Malcolm Glazer turned the fortunes of the team around. He helped them built a start of the art
stadium which cost over $200 million. The team also grew in stature under the ownership of
Malcolm Glazer and made the playoffs in 1997. They finally won the league for the first time
in their history in 2002.

When Glazer started buying shares of Manchester United FC in 2003, the Red Devils fans went
to the streets protesting against him. This was due to the large debt that Glazer brought along
with him, an astounding $850 million.

After his  arrival, the cost of Manchester United tickets were increased, causing an outrage
among fans. This caused a significant drop in the final Premier League ticket sales too.

This triggered a withdrawal from the fans who bought season  tickets and soon Manchester
United tickets
started recording losses for the first time under the management of Sir Alex
Ferguson. Manchester United’s Premier league tickets were not enough; the Champions
League tickets (which are already expensive) were also increased.

Since the takeover the ticket prices have been increased by 42%, more than any other club’s
Premier League tickets.

Fans were after the head of Malcolm Glazer and were not shy to express themselves. In a
match on 10th March 2010, a huge group of fans romped outside Old Trafford with huge
banners demanding the resignation of Malcolm Glazer.

The very same month, they received an offer for the club, but they refused to sell. Also,
in 2011, there was a rumor which stated that a Qatari royal family had agreed on a £1.6 billion
deal with Malcolm Glazer, but Glazer refused that there were any such movements and stated
that he would never sell the club at any cost.

The Red Devil’s fans are still very much against the owner, but the success their team had on
the pitch during the years has helped them settle down. If somehow failure creeps in, it would
be surprising to see the reaction by Manchester United fans.

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