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Mike Ashley – The Billionaire Who Owns Newcastle United

When one talks about the richest English men, Mike Ashley is among the first few names that pop up in one’s mind. One of the smartest entrepreneurs in the world, Mike Ashley is the owner of the popular English football club, Newcastle United.

Ashley is looked at as an introvert who hardly makes public appearances or gives interviews. As per the latest issue of the Forbes magazine, he is the 12th richest man (worth £1.7 billion) in Britain. However, with his club’s, Newcastle United, tickets are once again selling like hot cakes, and he is expected to break into the Top 10 soon.

Ashley grew up in Buckinghamshire and studied at Burnham Grammar School. He married Linda, an economic graduate, in 1988 and has three children with her. However, the two quietly divorced in 2003. The divorce was a major blow to Ashley that changed his financial positions to a huge degree. The settlement, worth £50m, is still among the biggest settlements in the history of the United Kingdom.

Ashley is hardly seen in public, which is why not much is known about his private life. He used to make regular appearances in Newcastle matches when Kevin Keegan was a part of the club. However, since his departure, Ashley is rarely seen attending the matches either.

He is known as a man with a lot of integrity. Some like to call him the whistleblower due to his role in the 2000s industry rival case. He handed evidence to the Office of Fair Trading and played a major role in improving the industry situation that was going out of hands.

This move brought him in the limelight and people started taking notice of his every action. However, one move that caught the most attention was his decision to buy 41.6% stake in Newcastle United in 2007.  He bought the shares from Sir John Hall for one pound each under his company, St. James Holding Limited’s, name.

He was later offered by the club to buy more shares, which he ultimately did when Freddy Shepherd sold his 28% shares to him on 7th June, 2007. By mid 2007, Ashley owned over 75% of the club’s shares, which give him the right to withdraw the company from public trading.

With this move, it was cleared that he was interesting in owning the club, which he ultimately did by paying a total of £134 million within a few months of withdrawing the club from the SE.

He was both praised and criticized for the move when he announced that he was not well aware of the club’s debts when he bought it. However, his involvement proved to be very good for the club as he cleared the club’s liabilities, which allowed the club to grow once again and achieve its long-lost status.

Ashley has stated on several occasions that he is willing to sell the club if he can find a competent seller. He had even put the club on sale in 2008 for a short period of time. Many people believe that he does not enjoy owning the club mainly because he does not have an understanding of the game. He has been criticized on several occasions for moves, such as selling Andy Carroll to rival clubs.

However, Ashley has full support of fans who love his way of handling things. It is clear that Newcastle United is recovering gradually and is aiming towards the top again. Ashley, who is more of a fan of his club, is often seen partying with fans and enjoying the match in the stadium or bars. All these qualities make him one of the most loved club owners.

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The Man Who Owns Chelsea, Roman Abramovich

People know Roman Abramovich as one of the richest persons in the world. As per stats he is the 9th richest person in Russia and the 68th richest person in the world. His total wealth is estimated to be around US $12 billion.

Abramovich is a business tycoon whom no one thought would be that big one day. Orphaned at a very young age, he was brought up by his uncles and was never among the brightest students at school.

Not much is known about his education and he is considered to be one of the most contentious personalities. Famous as the Chelsea F.C. owner, he in his autobiography mentioned that he is a law school graduate; however, rumors seem to deny it.

In Russia, he is famous for his handling of the business. The man used his great tactics and strategies to control the Russian markets. However, all this is very controversial as he has a history of wrongdoing and has also been arrested on several occasions.

Some of his most famous scandals include the 1992 case when he was arrested for theft of government property. He was blamed of stealing oil by changing the agreements and using his influences. The man co-operated with the authorities, which result in the charges getting dropped.  The situation was solved when the aggrieved party got compensated for the loss suffered.

Other infamous incidents include his bribe and law violating stories. On several occasions, he has been caught giving bribe to officials to get his work done. Bribery, an illegal act, has got him in trouble several times. Another example of him breaking the rules is his company overcharging customers for coking coal. This falls under the monopoly rules.

He has a strong team of lawyers who are always ready to help him when he gets in legal trouble; however, his rendezvous with such activities isn’t going down.

He is not only rich and influential, but is also among some of the most notorious personalities. The man who on several occasions has proven that nothing can take him down is famously known as the big mouthed Chelsea football club owner.

He became the Chelsea owner in 2003, shocking fans and the world. The club post the change took a different turn and moved towards global fame and prosperity.

With his decisions, Abramovich proved why he is considered a genius. The changes he brought turned out to be really good as the Chelsea tickets sales increased and so did the ranking. He also announced plans of introducing state-of-the-art training club to produce new talent who can take over from those who were at the twilight of their career.

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Now, that Chelsea has the finances, it is on a roll. Recently, it hired one of the most expensive players, Fernando Torres, for a free rumored to be close to £50 million. Under his ownership the club has only grown and won the Champions League last year.

The fact that Abramovich is controversial cannot be denied, but at the same time the genius in him is hard to neglect too. He has proven himself to the world as a trustworthy owner who knows how to take the right decisions.

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Liverpool Club Owner-1 Review

Another victim has been added to the list of people claimed by the Liverpool football club owner. Fenway Sports Group fired Kenny Dalglish in May this year. It was a shocking and unexpected development that attracted a lot of attention. Likewise Damien Comolli the director of football and Peter Brukner the head of medicine and sport science were also fired earlier this year.

Kenny Dalglish has departed suddenly at a press conference, without making anything obvious. His colleagues were shocked when they came to learn about the unfortunate unfolding of events. They all expressed their concerns about the unexpected scenario. However, Liverpool tickets are still being sold. Fans are still looking forward to the next match.

The reason for his sudden exit from the club remains unclear. It does seem however that his being fired was a price he paid for the anticipated damage to the club’s reputation. Kenny Dalglish was not able to handle the race row (Luis Suarez-Patrice Evra) this season.

Recently the FSG seems to have gotten a little ruthless. However, a lot of morale-boosting has been going on after Kenny Dalglish’s departure. We are yet to see if chanting the name of their manager helps the players. Besides, the big question we need answers to whether the FGS is listening to these chants. What is the FGS going to do about it?

It is quite obvious that Liverpool has fallen back this season, whatever the reason may be. The FGS will have to seek answers for the under-achievements so far. What is the source of the problem? Will the problem be rectifiable even if the reason for demoralization is found? There are lots of speculations about what fans should expect to see this season.

The last thing the FGS needs right now is an upheaval from the players. Giving Kenny Dalglish a new contract for three years doesn’t seem to be the right choice at the moment. The risk with this is that he might get more time to build a future with his own choice of players (that are bought). Even though they will have potential he will need 12 months to get the players back on the path to success.

It is better in the interest of FSG to examine the problem at hand rather than playing the blame game. This leads us the big question: “Who is Kenny Dalglish’s replacement and where is he?”

Damien Comolli (the director of football) was fired three days before the match against Everton. The FA Cup semi-final was one of the most important events of the season and Comolli’s getting fired just then came as a huge blow. This led to the need to find a replacement within the shortest time. The decision was taken instantly to ensure that the replacement can adjust in good time.

Even after a month, the post still remains unfilled. At the same time, we cannot ignore the most disturbing fact. It’s been nineteen months since the takeover. There still is no significant sign that the stadium that the Reds need will be arranged anytime soon. Without this the Reds cannot compete with their rivals financially.

Besides all this, it is yet another fact that a pitch is not the only thing needed to improve the state of the team. The team has talent, and has proved time and time again that despite all these challenges they are winners.

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Chelsea’s Owner Roman Abramovich wants Pep Guardiola as the New Chelsea Manager

After the sacking of Andre villas Boas, the hot question for everyone has been who will be the next manager of Chelsea?

There has been a lot of debate and experts have put forward their opinions about the ideal candidate. However, Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea FC ended all speculations when he expressed his desired of singing the current manager of Barcelona.

The chances are extremely slim that Pep Guardiola will leave Barcelona but you never know in the world of football. Roman Abramovich is a headstrong person and he won’t back away so easily. He will continue his efforts to sign the manager of Barcelona till Guardiola himself signs a contract extension with Barcelona.

The current contract of Guardiola will expire at the end of June and he is currently talking about taking a year break from football. This will be seen as a positive sign for Abramovich who will try to convince Guardiola to join his team.

If we think about it, the most obvious choice for Abramovich seems Jose Mourinho. The special one knows the team and it was under him that the team truly thrived. However, in the battle of egos, the decision of Abramovich will be tantamount to admitting his mistake of sacking the Portuguese earlier. This may very well be the case as Chelsea really has been struggling ever since Jose Mourinho left and the Chelsea tickets sale has also declined. During the era of Mourinho, Chelsea fans used to rush to get their Chelsea FC Tickets to see their team at the top of their form. It was under him that the team thoroughly dominated the league for two straight years.

Perhaps, the reason that Abramovich is seeking Guardiola is to prove that Guardiola is the superior coach since Mourinho has struggled tremendously in their head-to-head matches against Barcelona. Furthermore, if Guardiola joins Chelsea and elevates it to a new level of success, this will overshadow the earlier achievements of Mourinho.

The most interesting part of this debate is that Guardiola himself has confessed to his friends that he finds the prospect of being a Premier League manager to be attractive. Guardiola speaks fluent English and is interested in living in England. He finds the political environment of Barcelona and the high expectations at Barcelona a strain and is currently considering taking a year off from football.

He is an adored personality in Barcelona and hence, there has been increased pressure on him to stay with the club. This leaves him in an extremely good position as he has substantial bargaining power. Even though, he may not go to Chelsea but he will use that in his favor to improve his position.

It will be interesting to see how things will go from here. The club of Chelsea is at a crucial stage as many of the senior players are ready to leave the club. There has also been doubt casted over the future of players like Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole. Chelsea is chasing a lot of players and all set to revamp its team. However, will it wait for a new manager before making the signings or will it go ahead with the signings anyway? This remains to be seen.

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Arsenal Holdings plc

Arsenal FC is particularly different in their ownership structure from the other clubs of English Football. The club is owned by their parent company which is called Arsenal Holdings plc and the reason they are different from other clubs is the fact that only a few shares of the club exist and that too, are not traded frequently.

The parent company of the club of Arsenal, Arsenal Holdings plc, completely, owns 12 subsidiary companies.  They function is a unique way as they are a public limited company which is non-quoted. The club has only issued a total of 62,217 shares up till now and they too are not traded publicly on the stock exchanges. Rather, they are traded on a specialist market infrequently.

Another noteworthy aspect about the club is the fact that up until 2007, they were owned by two families only. The ownership has passed on through the generations of the Hill-Wood and Bracewell-Smith families but after 2007, the club has been able to attract considerable outside interest. The biggest acquirers of the shares of Arsenal have been two rival tycoons.

Perhaps, it is the rivalry of the two that has sparked off the trading of the shares of the club but this fact can’t be denied that the profitability of Arsenal has increased remarkably in recent times. This major reason for this increase in profitability is the remarkable increase in revenue from the sale of Arsenal Tickets.

Arsenal has been able to achieve this increase in ticket sales because of their new stadium. They moved to Emirates stadium in 2006 which has a seating capacity of around 60,000. This was a major improvement from their previous ground at Highbury, Arsenal Stadium, which had a seating capacity of around 38,000. This was a major improvement if you take in account that the seating capacity increased by a staggering amount of 57%. This clearly reflected in the sale of Arsenal Tickets which already had a huge potential of improvement, thanks to their large fan base.

As a result of the increase in profitability of Arsenal, it can be said that it became a hot investment.  The American tycoon, Stan Kroenke owns around 67% shares of the parent company of the club. On the other hand, his rival, Alisher Usmanov who is a Russian-Uzbek tycoon has around 29% ownership of the parent company of the club.

The coach of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, has played an important part in the overall success of the club. He has been forced to handle the club on an increasingly limited budget especially because of their new stadium. This restricted him from making big signings and he had a difficult time to recuperate the team after the legends of Arsenal like Vieira, Bergkamp, Pires, Ljungberg, and Thierry Henry, either retired or moved away.

Arsene Wenger should be commended for the way he has developed the youth and worked with the players that he had to develop them into world class performers. The most notable name here will be that of their captain, Robin van Persie.

The young captain of Arsenal has led his team from the front and has been instrumental in their fight back after having a dismal start to the season. His scoring off 35 goals in 36 games in the year of 2011 sets him up as the top candidate for the footballer of the year.

Certainly, the sale of Arsenal Tickets have benefitted from stars like these. Also, the fans of Arsenal are regarded as one of the most loyal fans in the world as they have supported their team through thick and thin. Such ardent following translates into heavy revenues for the business tycoons and this is perhaps the biggest reason for their growing interest in the club.

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Roman Abramovich is the Owner of Chelsea Football Club

Roman Abramovich is the owner of the Barclays Premier League club, Chelsea. He is a renowned Russian businessman who is the 9th richest person in Russia with a net worth of US 13.4 billion dollars.

He is a self made billionaire though he has been accused of using illegal means to amass his wealth. However, no one can dispute his passion for football. He has made considerable investments in the game and his commitment to the cause is well respected all around the world. He acquired the Barclays Premier League club Chelsea in the year 2003 with the vision of raising it to the status of being one of the greatest clubs in the world like Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Manchester United.

Immediately after acquiring the club, Roman Abramovich proved his commitment to the club by initiating a process directed towards elevating the stature of the club of Chelsea.  He invested a considerable amount of money for signing new players, to build a new training facility, to bring in top level coaches, and to help the club to achieve unparalleled success. This meant that Chelsea suffered major losses in their first year under him that were so high that it was expected that it would not be before 2010 that they would be able to report profits. However, the increase in the sale of Chelsea Tickets with their improved performance and the funds contributed by their owner has been a major alleviating factor for the club.

Roman Abramovich brought in Claudio Ranieri as the coach of the team. He guided the team to a respectable second place finish in the league and helped them to reach the semi finals of the Champions League. However, this was not good enough for the new owner as he wanted more and he sacked Ranieri to bring in José Mourinho – the coach who had guided Porto to a Champions League victory the previous season. This was a brilliant move by Abramovich as Chelsea dominated the league under Mourinho and ended up wining the league after a period of 50 years. They completely dominated the league for a period of two years which saw a huge increase in the fan base of Chelsea all over the world which contributed to the increase in sale of the Chelsea Tickets.

Though Chelsea has enjoyed considerable success under Roman Abramovich, his involvement with the club has often times been criticized for spoiling the spirit of the game. He gave the club complete liberty for making as many signings as they want as long they were delivering. This meant that all the other clubs wised up to the fact that Chelsea will be willing to pay a huge amount of money to acquire talent for their club. This caused a distortion in the price market as there was surge in the transfer fees of the players. For example, Shevchenko was acquired by the club at a transfer fee of £30 million, which was a record of that time.

The feud between Abramovich and Mourinho saw the latter leaving the club on mutual consent. It has been a tough struggle for Chelsea after the departure of the great one as they now have now gone through a flurry of changes in coach in hopes of regaining their form through which they dominated the league.  The latest manager in this line is André Villas-Boas who is currently doing a fine job as Chelsea are in the 3rd spot in the league table and hot in race for the title. The high benchmark set by the Abramovich means that there are high expectations from him and it only remains to be seen if he will be able to live up to the expectations.


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Lakshmi Mittal – The Co-Owner of Queens Park Rangers (QPR)

Lakshmi Mittal, is the CEO and the Chairman of the largest steel making company in the world, ArcelorMittal, and is the co-owner of the English Premier League football club, Queens Park Rangers (QPR).

Lakshmi Mittal was born on 15th June, 1950 in India. He is currently the richest man in all of Asia and UK, and the sixth richest in the world, having personal wealth that amounts to US $ 31.1 billion. He is considered as the 44th most powerful person in the world according a list of Forbes and was included in the Time magazine’s list of “100 Most Influential Persons in The World” for the year of 2007. Furthermore, he was named as the “Person of the Year” the Financial Times for the year of 2006.

Lakshmi Mittal is well known in the football world for his ownership in the Barclays Premier League club, Queens Park Rangers. The announcement of the Mittal family taking ownership in the club by buying 20 percent shares in the club was announced on the 20th December, 2007 after Bernie Ecclestone, who is a good friend of Lakshmi Mittal, bought QPR in August 2007 along with Flavio Briatore in order save it from financial trouble.

The decision of Lakshmi Mittal to be a co-owner of QPR led to many speculations linking the club to go on the same path as the likes of Chelsea who had benefitted a lot from its owner Roman Abramovich injection of a huge amount of money into the club. This amount of excessive media attention had a good effect on the sale of QPR Tickets which increased significantly because of the amount of exposure it was now enjoying because of its owners.

In 2008, there were further speculations regarding another Indian billionaire Vijay Mallya to be interested in buying the club. However, this didn’t materialized and on the contrary, the future of Flavio Briatore with the club came into jeopardy in 2009 when he found himself in the middle of a allegation related to fixing a race in F1. He sold his share to Bernie Ecclestone and who later on, sold his entire shares to a Malaysian businessman, Tony Fernandes. As of now, Tony Fernandes owns a 66% stake in the club where as the Mittal Family own s a 33% share in the club with Amit Bhatia, who is the son in law of Lakshmi Mittal, being in the board of directors of the company.

Lakshmi Mittal is a well respected name in the world and the fans of QPR are hopeful that he has the best interest of the club in mind rather than using it as a business deal like the owner of Manchester United. The Glazer family who owns the club Manchester United is much scorned upon because of the fact that they bought the club on loan and passed on the loan payments to the club and are thus, milking the money out of the club.

On the other hand, owners like Roman Abramovich of Chelsea and Sheikh Mansour of Manchester City have shown great commitment to their club by making generous investment in the future of the club to transform them into two of the most formidable teams in the Premier League. The sale of Chelsea Tickets and Manchester City Tickets has improved greatly because of the transformations that they have experienced courtesy of their owners.

Will Lakshmi Mittal play the same role in the transformation of his team? That remains to be seen.

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