The Man Who Owns Chelsea, Roman Abramovich

16 Jul

People know Roman Abramovich as one of the richest persons in the world. As per stats he is the 9th richest person in Russia and the 68th richest person in the world. His total wealth is estimated to be around US $12 billion.

Abramovich is a business tycoon whom no one thought would be that big one day. Orphaned at a very young age, he was brought up by his uncles and was never among the brightest students at school.

Not much is known about his education and he is considered to be one of the most contentious personalities. Famous as the Chelsea F.C. owner, he in his autobiography mentioned that he is a law school graduate; however, rumors seem to deny it.

In Russia, he is famous for his handling of the business. The man used his great tactics and strategies to control the Russian markets. However, all this is very controversial as he has a history of wrongdoing and has also been arrested on several occasions.

Some of his most famous scandals include the 1992 case when he was arrested for theft of government property. He was blamed of stealing oil by changing the agreements and using his influences. The man co-operated with the authorities, which result in the charges getting dropped.  The situation was solved when the aggrieved party got compensated for the loss suffered.

Other infamous incidents include his bribe and law violating stories. On several occasions, he has been caught giving bribe to officials to get his work done. Bribery, an illegal act, has got him in trouble several times. Another example of him breaking the rules is his company overcharging customers for coking coal. This falls under the monopoly rules.

He has a strong team of lawyers who are always ready to help him when he gets in legal trouble; however, his rendezvous with such activities isn’t going down.

He is not only rich and influential, but is also among some of the most notorious personalities. The man who on several occasions has proven that nothing can take him down is famously known as the big mouthed Chelsea football club owner.

He became the Chelsea owner in 2003, shocking fans and the world. The club post the change took a different turn and moved towards global fame and prosperity.

With his decisions, Abramovich proved why he is considered a genius. The changes he brought turned out to be really good as the Chelsea tickets sales increased and so did the ranking. He also announced plans of introducing state-of-the-art training club to produce new talent who can take over from those who were at the twilight of their career.

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Now, that Chelsea has the finances, it is on a roll. Recently, it hired one of the most expensive players, Fernando Torres, for a free rumored to be close to £50 million. Under his ownership the club has only grown and won the Champions League last year.

The fact that Abramovich is controversial cannot be denied, but at the same time the genius in him is hard to neglect too. He has proven himself to the world as a trustworthy owner who knows how to take the right decisions.

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