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Malcolm Glazer: The Controversial Owner of Manchester United FC

Malcolm Irving Glazer is an American businessman and the owner of the Football Club Manchester United. He is also the president and chief executive officer of First Allied Corporation and owns Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a National Football League team in Tampa, Florida.

Glazer belongs to a Jewish family and is fifth among seven siblings. He inherited his father’s jewelry business and at that time he had just $300. He started to expand his business by buying mobile homes in 1970 in Florida. He then became the president of First Allied Corporation, a company in US. Glazer’s first attempt at a corporate takeover was in 1984, when he failed to buy a bankrupt freight rail company for a bid of $7.6 billion. After two more consecutive failures in buying a corporation, he finally succeeded to buy a bankrupt company name Zapata formerly owned by George H. W. Bush.

Malcolm Glazer, due to his interest in sports purchased the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a National Football League franchise for a record $192 million after the death of Hugh Culverhouse, the former owner.  For the first several years, the Buccaneers experienced improved success on the field during Glazer’s ownership before going through a decade of continuous losing seasons. Bucs won the first Super Bowl in 2002 under Coach Jon Gruden. But when Glazer purchased Manchester United FC in 2003 all his funds and concentration diverted towards it and the Bucs went into a TV blackout. The blackout streak continued into 2011.

Between 2003 and 2005, Glazer gradually bought out the shareholders in the English Premier League soccer team in a deal that valued the club at around $1.47 billion. The takeover was fiercely opposed by many fans of Manchester United, who organized themselves in the form of independent Manchester United Supporters, partly because the Glazer takeover saddled the club with a large debt and interest that comes with it.

Many of these fans got together to set up a new club called F.C. United of Manchester. The new protest club has had success which including three successive promotions in three years while attracting gates of well around 2,000 fans each week, with a record attendance of 6,023.Anti-Glazer songs and chants are still regularly heard at Manchester United and F.C. United games.

More support for the protest movement came from David Beckham when he put on a green and gold scarf which had been lying on the pitch. Although Beckham subsequently denied that his action had any significance, it was taken by many to indicate that he was in support of the anti-Glazer protest and was described as “an iconic moment” by the Manchester United Supporters Trust.In early 2011, Glazer refuted a rumor that he was going to sell Manchester United for a reported £1.6 billion to the Qatari royal family, stating that the club was not for sale at any price.

Malcolm Glazer now lives in Palm Beach, Florida. He is married to Linda and has five sons and one daughter. Three of them (Joel, Bryan and Edward), are vice-presidents in First Allied. He runs a wide-ranging business empire that includes shopping centers and nursing homes.

On April 16, 2006, Glazer suffered a stroke causing impaired speech and loss of mobility in his right arm and leg. After spending much of the intervening period in the hospital, Glazer suffered a second stroke in May 2006. Controversies might go on and on but the love of fans for Manchester United FC will make them buy more and more Manchester United FC tickets.

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Chelsea’s Owner Roman Abramovich wants Pep Guardiola as the New Chelsea Manager

After the sacking of Andre villas Boas, the hot question for everyone has been who will be the next manager of Chelsea?

There has been a lot of debate and experts have put forward their opinions about the ideal candidate. However, Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea FC ended all speculations when he expressed his desired of singing the current manager of Barcelona.

The chances are extremely slim that Pep Guardiola will leave Barcelona but you never know in the world of football. Roman Abramovich is a headstrong person and he won’t back away so easily. He will continue his efforts to sign the manager of Barcelona till Guardiola himself signs a contract extension with Barcelona.

The current contract of Guardiola will expire at the end of June and he is currently talking about taking a year break from football. This will be seen as a positive sign for Abramovich who will try to convince Guardiola to join his team.

If we think about it, the most obvious choice for Abramovich seems Jose Mourinho. The special one knows the team and it was under him that the team truly thrived. However, in the battle of egos, the decision of Abramovich will be tantamount to admitting his mistake of sacking the Portuguese earlier. This may very well be the case as Chelsea really has been struggling ever since Jose Mourinho left and the Chelsea tickets sale has also declined. During the era of Mourinho, Chelsea fans used to rush to get their Chelsea FC Tickets to see their team at the top of their form. It was under him that the team thoroughly dominated the league for two straight years.

Perhaps, the reason that Abramovich is seeking Guardiola is to prove that Guardiola is the superior coach since Mourinho has struggled tremendously in their head-to-head matches against Barcelona. Furthermore, if Guardiola joins Chelsea and elevates it to a new level of success, this will overshadow the earlier achievements of Mourinho.

The most interesting part of this debate is that Guardiola himself has confessed to his friends that he finds the prospect of being a Premier League manager to be attractive. Guardiola speaks fluent English and is interested in living in England. He finds the political environment of Barcelona and the high expectations at Barcelona a strain and is currently considering taking a year off from football.

He is an adored personality in Barcelona and hence, there has been increased pressure on him to stay with the club. This leaves him in an extremely good position as he has substantial bargaining power. Even though, he may not go to Chelsea but he will use that in his favor to improve his position.

It will be interesting to see how things will go from here. The club of Chelsea is at a crucial stage as many of the senior players are ready to leave the club. There has also been doubt casted over the future of players like Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole. Chelsea is chasing a lot of players and all set to revamp its team. However, will it wait for a new manager before making the signings or will it go ahead with the signings anyway? This remains to be seen.

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